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Network Security solution

Why Network Security Solutions.

Nowadays, the uses of computers and networks have rapidly increased. We use computers in banking, accounting, sharing information, shopping; buying & selling products, etc. We might safely say that the internet society resembles a market with lots of actions and transactions going on. On the other hand, internet threats and malicious actions have increased rapidly. With this rapid increase of internet attacks, your network vulnerabilities and exposure to wicked network threats is also increasing. However, network security prevents & detects unauthorized attacks of your network before they happen. Network security will prevent these unauthorized users from accessing or breaking into the vital parts in your network system. Having a secured network would save you the loss of money, efforts, & credibility that you might face if being attacked by any of the previously mentioned assault. We provide a unique blend of network security, e-commerce and search engine marketing packages.

News: PhoenixWall Standards refresh program
April 2010:
SBI is going through a refresh program for the PhoenixWall Service to align it to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Another objective for the refresh program is to upgrade the supported policy from ISO17799 to ISO 27001. It is also anticipated that another upgrade is to be done for the risk calculation methodology to support the NVD model yet keeping the PhoenixWall original mathematical model. PhoenixWall already depend on the NVD vulnerability database.
ISO 27001

Sbi-secureit.com is now one of SANS official affiliates. You can now navigate and reserve SANS courses online through our trusted program. SANS is the most trusted & by far the largest source for information security training, certification & research in the world.

SANS for information security

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Veridion offers courses such as ISO 27001 Lead Auditor (certified RABQSA), ISO27001 Lead Implementer, ISMS Foundation (ISO 27001), ISO 20000 ( audit & implementation), implementation of information security controls with ISO 27002 / 17799, security metrics, security certification (CISSP, CISM, CISA, COBIT Foundation), risk analysis & risk management (ISO 27005, OCTAVE, BS7799-3, MEHARI and EBIOS), business continuity (BS25999).
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Veridion information security Courses
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